Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hairstyle Session

Hairstyle session done to promote myself in Limerick.

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And a backstage .... models and hairdresser

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Joanna and Waldemar - The harbinger

It's been over a week now when I meet with Waldemar and Joanna in Birr for some photo shooting. The plan was to go out and have some outdoor session but Irish weather is not gracious for photographer :) So we had a lot of rain and clouds. Lucky Tomasz has his studio backdrops in living room so we could use it :)
Unfortunately since then I haven't had sufficient amount of time to process all pictures so today decided to present the harbinger .... more pictures soon... follow me :)

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Imbiss Istambul Kebab

So to all of you who don't really know what is it all about....Imbiss Istanbul Doner Kebab is a restaurant, late coffee shop, take away open 7 days a week serving the best quality Kebabs like in Eastern Europe and best coffee in Ireland! If you ever missed lovely bun toasted, sliced in the middle filled with top quality meet, salads, fresh tomatoes and sauces there is your answer!

They are the first place in Limerick called Kebab but having 3 different sets of menu! Imbiss serves you breakfasts, lunches and dinners... You'll have to check this out! They are serving the best coffee in the town and healthiest kebabs, casseroles, salads and even vegetarian kebabs!!! Unreal menu designed by Kebab Passionate Chef!!!! He's crazy about they promise to surprise you with new flavors!

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