Friday, August 28, 2009

To live on memories - Part 1 - Bangkok

Early March this year we had a superb honeymoon in Asia. Unfortunately I've never had a chance to post-product pictures taken and present them. I think it's the highest time to do it so here they are staring from Bangkok.


Phra Mondrop

The Temple of the Emerald Buddaha & guruda bird detail outside

Guard at the Grand Palace

And Grand Palace at night

WAT PHO (Temple of Reclining Buddha)


Young Munk's

Ancient City – Bangkok

Just outside of Bangkok in Samut Prakan province is the Ancient City, a spacious historical theme park that provides a good option for a day’s getaway from Bangkok. Featuring replicas of many of Thailand’s most important historic sites, The Ancient City is quite large, covering some 320 acres of land and is commonly billed as ‘the world’s largest outdoor museum’.
The Ancient City features 109 replicas of famous monuments and architectural attractions in Thailand.

Sumeru Mountain

According to Thai cosmology, Sumeru Mountain is Considered the pillar of the word as well as the center of the universe. The mountain, supported by Anondha fish, stays above the surface of the water. It is the residence of spirits ranging from deities in heaven to devils in hell. The beings living by the mountain side also include humans, naga, garuda, ogres, orgesses and yogi. Each of them is distinguished by wisdom and morality.

China Town

And some of chinese delicacy


  1. Hi Mat,
    It's funny how two different people can make so similar picture. Just wish I had your equipment. I had to live with my canon S50.

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  3. Indeed pictures are very simmilar :) Be careful with new equipement as when you start buying new stuff you will look forward to get something newer, better, faster etc. Madeness :)