Monday, July 27, 2009

Limerick Strobist meet AQ Park 21st May 2009

I had a great pleasure attending in my first Limerick Strobist meet in Arthurs Quay park on Thursday 21th May 2009. It was absolutely great crack and looking forward to repeat it.

Big thanks to Neville, Mark and Geoff for came along and let us shoot them! It couldn't be easy fence when you know you are going to be hit anytime by 11 strobes :)

Please see below my best shoots that eve.

A Coup d'Arret:
A coup d'arret is a counter-attack that attempts to take advantage of an uncertain attack (as far as I was told)

Neville Galway:
Strobist info: 2 crossed SB600 set on full power triggered with NIKON CLS.

A final fencing shots. This is known as the Dussack, with Marek, the fencer on the left and Neville, on the right.
Strobist: 2 crossed SB600, left on full power, right on 1/2 power. Both triggered with NIKON CLS.

And one more taken that eve. I like the sky behind the fencers but I think foreground is bit too dark.

One bonus picture. Kevin and Dave preparing for next pictures:

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